Ultimate ERC Business Advisor Onboarding and Training

Welcome to Ultimate ERC!

This is an overview of your role as an Ultimate ERC Business Advisor. Please read through.

On the texts and emails, I suggest you copy the document and do a find/replace for the following, without any extra spaces.

Commission Information:

  • If you have not already, register at https://UltimateERC.com/Refund or referring affiliate link.  Click on Join Us, and then sign up to become a Referral Partner/Affiliate.  Agents get 10% of our 30% total fee charged to the client.
  • Stage 1: Ultimate ERC Business Advisors get $100 per case that funds through the Agreement.  Responsibility to get prospects to the signed agreement, and to begin submitting information and uploading documents.
  • Stage 2: Ultimate ERC Business Advisors get $200 per case that funds through Information and Document Submission.  This involves ensuring that a client provides the required information and uploads all docs listed.  We prefer to keep the same Ultimate ERC Business Advisor for Stages 1 and 2.  
  • Stage 3: Ultimate ERC Business Advisors make client handoff to the financing team.   Clients that receive financing pay our commissions from the financing, and allow us to pay you sooner.
  • List of docs can be found here: https://UltimateERC.com/Info

Regarding Financing handoff: 

While lenders need to see P&Ls and IRS acceptance, the Lenders require a different set of documents.  For example, they won’t be looking at 941s and or Payroll registers.    Many lenders will want to do themselves but we can gather initial docs at stage 14 in Pipedrive, possibly earlier to assist, especially with early lender placement.

Initial additional financing information needed (should have been collected in the process already):

  • Industry
  • Years in business
  • Estimated average monthly revenue

Information Submission and Document Upload

This is a secure & encrypted form to transfer the additional information needed directly to Ultimate ERC™ to help us perform a comprehensive ERC qualification analysis and calculation to get the maximized refund from the Employee Retention Credit program.

Here are the few specific documents we need to complete your ERC submission:

  1. General Business Information
  • Business Contact Info and Federal EIN #
  • Business Owner(s) Names, W-2s 2019 and 2020 (not 2021) & Percentage of Ownership
    • Names of any Employees Related to Owners
    • Type of business entity (Sole proprietor, Partnership, LLC, S Corp, or C Corp)
    • Do any of the owners have other businesses?  Do any of the owners own at least 1% of any other business?  (That other business needs a filing for it as well, as part of a Control Group.)
    • Does this business own any percentage of any other business?
  • Number of W2 Employees (full and part time) in 2019, 2020 & 2021
  1. PPP & Other Government Stimulus Information
  • Amounts & Dates Received for both PPP1 and PPP2
  • Forgiveness Application & Supporting Documentation
  1. Accounting & Payroll Data
  • Quarterly Profit & Loss statements for each quarter of 2019, 2020 & 2021.  
    • If your business started in 2020 or 2021, then we just need the quarters the business existed. 
    • We need the profit and loss statements to be done on a Cash basis, not Accrual.
  • Form 941 (Employer’s Quarterly Federal Tax Return) for each quarter from Q1 2020 to Q4 2021
  • Payroll Registers by pay period and by employee for all of 2020 & 2021. 
    • A Payroll Register is a report for each pay period that shows the employee name, gross wages, all deductions from wages and final check amount.  
    • Note: Certain deductions, like health care, can go towards your ERC, so we need to know this information to assist in determining your maximum claim amount.
  1. Shut Down or Restriction Information
  • Please provide any information about state, county, or city shut downs that occurred and any restrictions that were placed on your business.  Please be as specific as you can be.

Helpful information: 

  • Occupancy
  • Square footage
  • Average number of customers/clients you had in your business pre-COVID and during COVID, and the percentages you were reduced to during COVID. 
  • Did you change from in person to virtual, dine-in to carry-out, or some similar change?  If you would like to complete a separate statement outside of the form, please do so and email to your customer service representative.
What if I don’t have all the information handy? 

► You may click the Save Button found at the bottom of the form any time to come back to complete this form later, without losing any of the info you’ve entered! 

► It is best to fill out this form on a desktop or laptop computer with access to files and the ability to upload.

► Finally, if you have questions, you may reach us at:



Key items to highlight with business owners:
  • How many employees do you have?  How many are W2? Independent Contractors and under-the-table employees do not count as W2 Employees.
  • Owner employees and their immediate relatives do not count for ERC.
  • Be sure to use your primary business email
  • Accounting must be by cash method, not accrual (which tracks projected/pipeline accounting).   Cash method tracks actual payment made and received.
  • Payroll registers need to be by pay period, not by quarter
  • Amount before taxes– if a business that uses tips– we need to see this as well.
  • Original PPP application from the borrower, can show sample PPP and P&L.  Will be integrated.  Make a priority. May need to get from the bank.
  • Quarterly P&Ls.


Inside Note on P&Ls:
  • We need the profit and loss statements to be done on a cash basis.
  • While not ideal, if one does books manually, and hands check book and receipts at the end of the year to the tax preparer, then one can get the quarterly totals by using a spreadsheet we can send and the business can provide scanned images of all receipts (invoices) and all of your expenses/ bills (usually the checks written from the business checking account).
  • Docs need to stand up to audit.  Quickbooks or other accounting software operates as a system of record.  
  • If the business owner needs bookkeeping or accounting we can refer them to Fred or one of our business partners who can do accounting for them.

Getting Set Up

New Leads Text and Emails

  • Should be programmed into Keap. If not you can copy, paste and personalize.
  • Will need to fill in the following fields:
    • Business Advisor Full Name
    • Business Advisor Cell
    • Business Advisor Email
    • Business Advisor First Name
  • Can also add your scheduling link
  • Automation steps: Should go out during working hours on business days in general.


Ultimate ERC Business Advisor Outreach Schedule:

In general reach out until you are told no or it goes dead, but don’t harangue or overwhelm them. 
Here is our recommended schedule, starting with new leads at stage 1, and then following up with the positive response in Stage 2.

Let's get started with the basics.